For Presenters Who Understand Webinar Attendees Are More Likely to Convert When They Have an Urgent NEED…

When You Download these Profitable Workbook Templates You’ll Create Webinar Attendees Who Come to the Realization on Their Own — They Need Your Solution – Today!

Hi There,

Most of your webinar attendees don’t buy, huh?

That sucks.

The reality is most of your webinar attendees know they have a need (or they would not be on your webinar) but they are uncertain if it’s an urgent need.

It’s hard for people to confront their issues. It’s our responsibility to get them to understand the impact the issue is having in their lives. We need to be honest with them. We need to do everything to try to help them see the situation clearly.

We are limited though. Our webinar attendees don’t know us. They may think we are only seeking to make a sale, not to improve their lives.

They may have had this issue for days, weeks, months or perhaps even years. Getting someone to face that issue is not something we can always do alone. And now we do not have too. I will tell you more but first…

How I Learned to Convert More Webinar Attendees with a Lost Child in an Airport

My family (wife, Wendy, son, Riddick) and I were traveling through the airport. Riddick was four years old. It was in November and the airport was wall-to-wall with Thanksgiving travelers. As we made our way towards our gate I stopped to adjust my bags. I let go of my son’s hand so I could switch my computer bag to the other shoulder.

I put my hand back out to take my son’s hand and my son was gone!


My breathing stopped.

Fear ripped through my mind.

Every muscle in my body tensed up.

My eyes shot open wide searching.

It seemed like hours…

I turned around and my son was standing about two feet behind me.

It was instant relief.  I caught my breath.

It all lasted about 4 seconds.

It’s weird how many thoughts can race through your mind in those types of situations.

Do you have a child? Has that ever happened to you?

I call it missing child urgency.

It immediately brings priorities into focus.

What does all this have to do with Webinars?

A lot.

You see, we know that attendees on our webinar need our service. Otherwise, they would not be there! We also know that we can help them.

We create our webinars to communicate our value to our attendees. But sometimes that is not enough.

In fact, there is an even more powerful thing we can do to express our value. . .

Make Our Webinar Attendees Come to Their Own
Conclusion About the Urgency of their Issue!

 Just like finding my son became my most urgent need in that second, we can make our webinar attendees realize what is urgent in their lives. We do so by guiding them through analysis that allows them to come to that conclusion BEFORE they arrive at your webinar.

You see when we try to help people to come to the conclusion it’s one thing, but when people come to their own conclusions – it’s an entirely different thing.

It’s their truth!

It’s resistance free!

How do we do that? We do that through…

Profitable Workbook Templates…

You receive two Workshop Action Guides that guides your webinar registrants to uncover their needs. Then we amply the urgency. 

You get two different Templates:

1) Business to business Template. 20 pages. In Word, Txt & PDF Format.
2) Business to consumer Template. 4 pages. In Word, Txt & PDF Format.
3) Video walk through of each template.

NOTE: These are templates. I know it’s obvious, but you will need to customize with your own content.

As an added perk…

The Workshop Action Guide also
Gets You More Webinar Registrations

The additional benefit is that you can feature your Action Guide on you Webinar Registration Page. That will drive more sign ups to your webinar.

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This is a risk-free investment. If you are not absolutely 100% thrilled with your investment I don’t want your money! Just let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund every penny. I have been delivering, creating and consulting on live and automated webinars since 2008 and I know what works. This works and more importantly, will work for you as well!

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In your corner!

Geoff Ronning

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