Are You Frustrated with the Number of People Who Visit Your Webinar Registration Page but Don’t Register? If so, this is for you…

How to Register More People for Your Webinar, While also Reducing Your PPC Costs…

…Following the “PRP Protocol™”


If you want more people to register for your webinar, you are at the right spot.

My name is Geoff Ronning. I’m the Co-Founder of the StealthSeminar webinar platform. I’ve had a front row seat and advisory role to webinars that are running around the world since 2010. I’m the architect of the “PRP Protocol™.” PRP stands for Profitable Registration Pages. The “PRP Protocol™” takes low performing webinar registration pages and turns them into high converting, high profit pages.

The “PRP Protocol™” is something I have always offered for a consultation fee. Now I’m releasing a DIY (do it yourself) version so you save over 80% off my consultation fee and so that you can to make your webinars more successful and profitable.

This is the ONLY product that teaches you how to improve your Webinar Registration Pages to get more registrants. 

Let me tell you more…  

Why the “PRP Protocol™” is so Important

Every day you have a low performing webinar registration page, it is costing you leads and sales. And if you are paying for traffic, it is even worse because you are literally paying to repel people.

Imagine… Pay. Poof! Gone.

(Not only your potential clients but your PPC money. That really hurts.)

Here is What the “PRP Protocol™” Is…

I despise the long, rambling courses that seem like they are being paid by the hour rather than the results. This training is just the opposite. There’s no fluff, no filler. It’s just the tested tactics of the “PRP Protocol™” All presented in concise modules so you can apply it quickly to improve your webinar success.

You can go through the entire “PRP Protocol™” and implement in 120 minutes to immediately generate more leads and sales from your webinar.


  • The Single Biggest Strategy that 99% of Webinar Presenters are Not Using On Their Webinar Registration Pages that Not Only Increases Webinar Registrations but also Reduces PPC Costs and Improve Attendee Show Up Rates!
  • What You Must Never Do on Your Webinar Registration Page, Ever! Sadly, I see this Literally, Every Single Day and it’s Killing Conversions
  • What You Must Immediately Add to Every One of Your Webinar Registration Page to Reduce Your PPC Costs… 
  • How to Create Profitable, High Conversion Webinar Registration Pages Quickly and Easily using the PRP Protocol™ that Ramps Up the Conversions and Makes Your Page Creation As Easy as Fill in the Blank
  • How to Immediately Cut Your Pay Per Click Costs by Boosting Your Webinar Registration Rates 12% to 47% without changing even 1 minute of your webinar and Do So in less than 17 minutes 
  • A Secret FREE Strategy that 99 people out of 100 Don’t Know About that Can Have Major Implications for Your Webinar Page Conversions (It’s not headline, copy, bullets, split test, photograph, page design, bonus)… 
  • Finally; Turn the Corner with Your Webinars to Register People and Make Money with Your Webinars, Even if You Have Only Lost Money Before
  • You Need a Pretty Webinar Registration Page Right? Wrong! Discover the #1 Factor in Webinar Registration Conversations that is Far More Important than Pretty Pages 
  • The Secret of the “Celebrity Expert Status” Revealed. This is the Positioning You Want if You Want to Make Yourself a Celebrity Fast, without All the Work
  • The Easiest Two Factors to Successful Profitable Registration Pages that Beat Out Competitors Even If they Have Huge Budgets…
  • How to Successfully Register Webinar Registrants Even If No One Has Heard of You Before… 
  • How to Craft Your Registration Page Bio so it’s the Perfect Attracter so Your Visitors Register and are Excited to Attend Your Webinar
  • The “Money Switch” the Little Known Secret that Can Boost Your Profits Even if All Else Fails and Things Could Not Be Going Worse! 
  • What to Watch Out for on Your Registration Page that immediately Repels People… Sadly This is a Very Common Mistake…  
  • PLUS – How to Maximize Every Visitor to Your Webinar Registration Page so You Profit Even if They Don’t Register.

You will also get the Following Modules:

  • Webinar Registration Page Success Elements: Irresistable Copy
  • My 3 Proven Webinar Headline Formulas (just fill in the blanks)
  • My 3 Proven Webinar Bullet Formulas (just fill in the blanks)
  • The 4 P’s of a Profitable Webinar Registration Page Bio to Attract Registrants
  • The 2 Types of Registration Page Types and When to Use Which One 
  • The C.U.T.I.E. Test – Test All Your Pages Against this to Insure it’s as Successful as You can Make It

And much more…

The Investment for the “PRP Protocol™”…

When I consult with people and implement the PRP Protocol™ the fee is $795 per registration page. That is well worth it! That investment is immediately recouped and has major financial benefits. If you’d like me to do the same for you, I’m happy to do it for you. Please contact me.

However, for the first time ever, I’m offering the “PRP Protocol™” as a DIY (do it yourself) for over 88% off my personal consultation fee. This is for an underpriced, $97. As soon as you order the “PRP Protocol” to boost the success of your webinars and reduce your PPC costs, you are going to feel great applying the Protocol. You will be terrific getting more leads and sales for your business and cutting down your PPC costs.

How Much is Each Webinar Conversion Worth to You?

My guess is that this training is so low priced, that you will immediately get back your investment in this course. Frankly, I don’t see how anyone cannot do so.

Why Would I Offer this so Cheap?

I would like to say it’s because I’m a nice guy… and YES, I am a nice guy, however there is more to it than that. You see, being the Co-Founder of StealthSeminar I benefit from your success on our webinar platform. So as you become more successful with webinars, I become more successful as well because you maintain your StealthSeminar account. With that said, don’t hesitate or you will miss out on the following… 

PLUS, Right NOW, for a Limited Time, You Will also Get…

Bonus #1: The 4 Persuasive Super Show UP Strategies to Drive High Webinar Attendance Rates because Nothing Matters if People Don’t Show Up for Your Webinars!

This will show you how to make sure your registrants show up to your webinar in the highest numbers possible.

Bonus #2: How to Psychologically Hook People into Your Webinar Before they Attend so People are Pre-dispositioned to Buy with they Attend

No this is not indoctrination videos that people watch prior to your attendance. This works even if you are using Just In Time Scheduling and don’t have day (s) until your webinar. This is a secret that is absolutely magic to break down walls in tough markets and establish success for your webinars.

No Questions Asked 30 Day No-Risk Guarantee

This is a risk-free investment. If you are not absolutely 100% thrilled with your investment I don’t want your money! Just let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund every penny. I have been delivering, creating and consulting on live and automated webinars since 2008 and I know what works. This works and more importantly, will work for you as well!

How is that for fair?

This is a limited time offer so claim your copy now before it’s too late.

In your corner!

Geoff Ronning

P.S. Don’t delay. Each day you wait, is a day your business is not building like it should… and it is costing you leads and sales. I look forward to hearing of your success with the “PRP Protocol™.”

P.P.S. This training could be the most profitable per minute training you get all year. The reason I say that is because this training is 100% fluff free. There is not one wasted minute. This training is designed for you to get, learn and implement in 120 minutes.  Imagine how much more profitable you could be in a couple of hours? Click below and claim your copy now.


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P.S. Perhaps you are wondering…

Q: What are the modules am I getting in this training?

A: You are getting six plus two more bonus modules for a total of 8 modules. Here are the Exact contents of them:

Module 1: The welcome & introduction. What you are going to learn.

Module 2: PPC to webinar registration page solutions (this is not a PPC course, this is for your page issues). How to know if your page is the problem for PPC challenges and what to do to fix it.

Module 3: Three profitable webinar registration page headline formulas. Just fill-in-the-blank on your webinar registration pages for high conversions. Plus, persuasive copy keys and the pre-headline.

Module 4: The C.U.T.I.E. Formula to test all your copy against to make sure it’s as high converting as possible. This is like having an expert copywriter on call to critique your copy.

Module 5: High converting sub-heads and 3 fill-in-the-blank bullet formulas for high convertion.

Module 6: The 4 P’s of successful bios on your webinar registration page. The two types of bios. How to decide on which one to use.

Bonus Module #1: Four super show up strategies. Because you can get all the registrations you want but if no one shows up, it’s all for naught. Pack your webinars with these strategies.

Bonus Module #2: More registrations, more conversions. This one I want to keep blind because so few do it and it’s so incredibly profitable. Every person I consult with who adds this strategy is amazed at the results. This alone is worth the price of the entire course.

Q: How long is this course?

A: The length of this course is just over 100 minutes. This course is designed for you to go through and implement in one afternoon. There is no filler - it’s proven tactics to boost your webinar registration pages without any delay. Learn, implement and profit.

Q: Is this training dripped out one module per week?

A: No, you get full access to the entire training immediately. That way you can you get your webinar registration pages converting as high as possible, right away. Today.

Q: Am I getting charged 1 time or multiple times?

A: You are getting charged 1 time! You are not signing up for any recurring charge whatsoever. And far too little I might add. 🙂

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