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Behavioral Retargeting Training

Through the intelligent use of ad tracking, split testing, benefit-driven hooks, and results-oriented images and landing pages, your prospects will have already started to envision themselves as a result of using your product or service. And that’s the moment Sam captures them and helps you leverage their interest for an unrivaled return on investment.

You get:

Setting Up your Facebook Retargeting pixel

$497 Value

Segmenting Your Audiences

$497 Value

Setting Up your Retargeting Campaigns

$997 Value

Ninja Pixel Dropping Techniques

$997 Value

Other Retargeting Platforms

$297 Value


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Influential Speaker. Industry Thought Leader. Social Advertising Extraordinaire

Sam Bell started his first agency, PPC Boutique, in 2009, right as social media was starting to attract mainstream attention. Since then, he has taken the knowledge gleaned from nearly a decade of advertising experience and used it to leverage incredible results for his clients, including StealthSeminar. These results, together with his dedication to his clients’ success and his deep industry insights have led many to call me:

    The Social Ads Engineer

    I have been paying Sam Bell for over a decade to drive traffic for StealthSeminar. I give him my highest recommendation. Don’t hesitate to grab this special discount offer.

    Geoff Ronning
    Co-founder of StealthSeminar


      He does not just teach you to create ads. He teaches you to pinpoint and reaching highly-engaged, ready-to-act clients that are qualified and eager to learn more about what you have to offer – and act on it. Why settle for mediocre campaign results and tepid interaction on your ads when you can have a robust, interested and passionate audience that looks forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to see what’s next? Those are the kinds of prospect every smart business wants – and the kind of customers Sam Bell teaches you how to reach.

      Fast Action Bonuses

      Bonus #1: Minimum Viable Offer: 50 minute training that goes through and teaches people how to build an offer. How to create an offer and put it into the marketplace within 48 hours, before you even created the product.

      Bonus #2: High Ticket Avatar: 40 minute training of how to identify an avatar and then how to target those people on FB profitability.

      Note: Facebook changes things daily so expect things to look slightly different than within the training course, if that is not ok with you, investing in any training for Facebook is not a good idea for you. If you are OK with that, then this is a massive discount and a terrific training that can help you profit online.

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